Praxis UK : strategic framework 2008-2010

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Stakeholder statements

“We have a more active and influential say in the decisions which affect our lives”

“Praxis UK is making innovative and significant contributions to sustainable and equitable development through its participatory approaches”

Strategic directions

Build capacity – both technical and organisational of communities, civil society and other stakeholders to enable excluded people to have an active and influential say in their own equitable and sustainable development

Develop partnerships: strengthen mechanisms and trust for effective and efficient communication and collaboration between communities, civil society, governments and other stakeholders

Advocate for the right to participate: and for appropriate participatory laws, procedures and financial flows for equitable and sustainable development to occur

Scale up the use of participatory approaches for equitable and sustainable development

Critical capacities required by Praxis UK

  • Organisational sustainability
  • Organisational development
  • Institutional development
  • Interactive website
  • Programmatic sustainability
  • Core projects
  • Technical support provision
  • Policy development
  • Financial sustainability
  • Resource mobilisation strategy