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Including the excluded

At the core of all of our programme work are those we primarily work with – excluded, marginalised and discriminated groups throughout the world. Groups that want a voice, but don’t have one. However we don’t speak for excluded groups, they can speak for themselves. Rather we strive to listen and learn from communities about what they want to say in regarding their lives, before facilitating a capacity building process for them to have it. Over the last few years we have worked closely with the poorest of the poor in both urban and rural areas; scheduled castes and tribes; denotified tribes; communities most vulnerable to climate change; persons vulnerable to and living with HIV; children; youth and elder groups; people living with mental health issues and communities most vulnerable to disasters among others

Praxis UK works on behalf of and supports a range of development sector actors. These include:

  • National and local governments in countries as diverse as Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Malawi, Afghanistan and the UK. Ministries and departments worked with cover planning and finance, health, education, gender, social welfare and labour such as National Solidatity Programme, Afghanistan; Ministry of Rural Development, Afghanistan;

  • International development departments and ministries of foreign affairs in the UK and other European countries like Development Awareness Fund, DFID; Swedish International Development Association

  • United Nations Agencies like United Nations Environment Programme

  • Foundations and Donor agencies such as Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; Welcome Trust; Freedom Fund

  • Non-governmental organisations - International Justice Mission; CARE Cambodia; Brooke Hospital Ltd; Health Unlimited; Workers Educational Association; International HIV AIDS Alliance; One World Action; ProAct Network; CAFOD; Amnesty International; Catholic Relief Services; VSO

  • Private sector companies and fair trade associations - International Union for Conservation of Nature; Constella Futures; Liberation Foods; Geoscope; Copenhagen Consensus; International Nut Producers Cooperative

  • Academic institutes like Institute for Development Studies, University of Sussex; Cambridge University; Oxford University; Goldsmiths College; University of Bristol; University of Durham; Nottingham Trent University

Our list of clients include:

  • Institute for Development Studies, University of Sussex

  • Welcome Trust

  • Freedom Fund

  • ACTS Consultancy

  • Copenhagen Consensus

  • Catholic Relief Services

  • Ministry of Rural Development, Afghanistan

  • Let’s Breakthrough

  • Action Aid International

  • National Solidarity Programme, Afghanistan

  • Amnesty International

  • United Nations Environment Programme

  • ProAct Network

  • CAFOD 

  • One World Action

  • Faiths Forum for London

  • International HIV AIDS Alliance

  • Goldsmiths College

  • Workers Educational Association

  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

  • Health Unlimited

  • Geoscope

  • Christian Fund for Children

  • Plan International

  • Liberation Foods

  • IUCN

  • Brooke Hospital Ltd

  • Development Awareness Fund, DFID

  • Constella Futures

  • University of Bristol 

  • CARE Cambodia

  • International Justice Mission 

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